Migrated from Mac to Linux, audio analysis didn't follow

I’ve migrated from Mac OS to Linux for my Roon Core, but the audio analysis didn’t follow. How can I “force” a recalculation of the audio analysis for albums in my library from the new location?

Debian 8.4 , standard Roon Linux build, playback working fine. Latest version of Roon (1.2)

Does this new location contain the same music as before the migration?

Yes. Same source ( FreeNas file server). Play back works great. The audio analysis seems missing or corrupt.

I had the same experience switching from Windows.

I don’t really care about the missing analysis, I just want it to re-analyze. I realize I lost most of my playback history but that is water under the bridge! last.fm seems to still be there!

Select all albums, edit, reanalyze.

Analysis doesn’t happen till scanning is complete though.

thanks, evand.