Migrating Core from MAC to QNAP

I tried to follow the instructions, but still my MAC can’t see the core on the NAS.

Server on QNAP is running:

Typ Datum Uhrzeit Benutzer Quellen-IP Computername Inhalt
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:49 admin — [App Center] Roon Server enabled.
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:48 System localhost [RoonServer] Additional Arguments =
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:48 System localhost [RoonServer] PID = 9518
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:48 System localhost [RoonServer] QTS Version = 4.2.4. Additional library folder = /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/RoonServer/lib64
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:48 System localhost [RoonServer] ROON_DATABASE_DIR = /share/external/DEV3302_1
Informationen 2017/04/10 16:30:48 System localhost [RoonServer] ROON_UPDATE_TMP_DIR = /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/RoonServer/tmp

I copied all the Roon files to the QNAP:

drwxrwxrwx 4 admin administ 4096 Apr 9 16:02 RAATServer/
drwxrwxrwx 7 admin administ 4096 Apr 9 16:02 Roon/
drwxrwxrwx 2 admin administ 4096 Apr 10 16:26 RoonMounts/
drwx------ 2 admin administ 16384 Apr 8 04:20 lost+found/

I put a link to the music directory into RoonMounts:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin administ 38 Apr 10 16:26 musik -> /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/musik/

There was a hint, that the core need to be enabled to accept external connections, where to change that?

When starting Roon on my MAC I choose the option “Use to control…” than its searching forever for the “remote libraries”

Any Ideas?

Before you copy anything, make sure to stop your RoonServer app in the QNAP AppCenter.
You only need to copy the Roon and RAATServer folder. After the copy process has finished you need to rename the Roon folder to RoonServer (on your QNAP’s RoonServer share).
There is no need (and it won’t work) to copy the RoonMounts folder.
Then you can start RoonServer again.

RoonServer has no option, that needs to be enabled to accept remote clients as it is mandatory to use a client in a RoonServer setup.

If you can’t see the core on QNAP, I’d recommend to check the IP addresses of the core and remote. They should be in the same subnet (for example 192.168.1.xxx). Make sure that no firewall is blocking Roon related network traffic. (Check all your devices: your QNAP and your Mac).

Also make sure that your previous Roon installation on the Mac is not acting as a Roon Core anymore. Otherwise the core on your Mac and the Core on the QNAP will have the same core id and this could prevent a Roon remote to show the QNAP.

Best would be to entirely stop Roon on your Mac, move the Roon and RAATfolder from your user library temporarily somewhere else (to the desktop for example). You won’t need it on your Mac anymore, but keep it, in case anything goes wrong with the migration.

Then start Roon on your Mac again. It should act like it has never been used before and you can click on “connect to a remote library”.

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All done, no change. A Roon Remote App on my I Phone doesn’t find a core as well. All devices in the same network.

I reinstalled the Roon server on the MAC, Remote App on the I-Phone can’t see it as well -> so something is wrong with the network?

When you used your iMac again as the Roon Core, did you enable the option in the Roon settings to enable remote connections? (I assume you were using Roon (not RoonServer) there.)

Can you access some other services of the QNAP from the iPhone / iMac?

Do you use some advanced network equipment (like for example a managed switch)?

Can you try to temporarily simplify your network setup as much as possible? Like connect your QNAP and iMac directly to your access point/router and verify if you can connect to it by the iMac and iPhone…

Hi Christopher,

  1. the network issue disappeared after rebooting all computers and the =
    router -> Rootcause unclear, but I don=E2=80=99t mind
  2. I created the Roon share on the internal data volume of the NAS =
    instead of the external SSD Disk, after reinstallation of the Roon =
    package the Roon & raats directory showed up automatically and core was =
    accessible via network. System is running, performance is OK (11.000 =
    titles). -> I will check with the SSD again later

Only downside: The Roon control app doesn=E2=80=99t run on my I Pad =
(first retina edition), too old!

Thanks for the support!!!

I am happy to hear that it is running now.

You can move your Roon Database at any given time to an external SSD by simply copying the RoonServer folder to the external drive. The drive has to be formatted in the QTS before doing it and it needs to be labeled “RoonServer”. Just make sure, you stop RoonServer before copying the database.