Migrating Core from MacBook to Nucleus

I ordered a Nucleus on the Black Friday deal and it should be arriving shortly. I currently run my Roon Core on a MacBook Pro, which is several years old and kind of slow.

What is the easiest way to move the “Core” from the MacBook to the Nucleus? I have done a backup just recently (which is only my settings, history, saved library of Tidal/Qobuz, etc.)

Also, do I then have to “delete” the Core from the MacBook and then download the app to control Roon via the MacBook?

Thanks for any help!

Short answer, use a Restore of your latest Backup- and set the Nucleus as Core.

Long answer is here and here.

No, if you are using the full Roon package, i.e. not RoonServer, then just authorize the Nucleus as Core and (if you want) use your current MBP Roon as an endpoint or Remote.

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This may be helpful