Migrating files from OSX USB HDD to MOCK second internal SSD

iMac going to HP i5 running ROCK on SSD

iMac on ethernet - Rock on Powerline ethernet

My files are currently on 2 USB drives - one is a Drobo

The i5 ROCK can see and index the files fine, read-only as they’re OSX extended journalled, now I want to transfer them all to an internal drive in the i5.

At the moment I’m testing using a HDD but am planning on swapping to an additional SSD for audio files

Using the iMac finder a quick test over the network to the shared drives; trying to copy from external drive, directly connected to i5, to ROCK InternalStorage isn’t working,
“The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Leftside Wobble” can’t be read or written.”

I’ve also tried booting the i5 with Ubuntu to do a file transfer locally but again there are issues with the InternalStorage permissions or something

Any help much appreciated

Hi @MrDenis,

Can you confirm that you formatted the internal drive from the web UI?

Hi Dylan - Confirmed - I deleted and repartioned the HDD using Ubuntu then used the Web interface to format the drive - I’ve successfuly copied a couple of files from a remote laptop to the InternalStorage directory in the same way I uploaded FFMPEG

Am I going to have to copy everything over the network rather than directly?

Hi @MrDenis,

Because of how the USB drives are formatted, you’ll likely need to do the transfer over the network while they’re connected to the Mac device.

Crikey - how long will that take?

And if I’m copying thousands of files how do I switch off Core indexing?

In the webUI:


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Is it possible to connect the Mac & Rock directly as described here

@support any idea on this please? Currently transferring across my network is tortuous and a direct connection would be much more preferable

Found an old AirPort Extreme Base Station with gigabit ports - connected drives via MacBook and somehow can transfer to ROCK - getting 30MB/s which might be the best I can hope for given USB 2
Hoping the FireWire 800 might be a bit faster when it come to transfer from the Drobo

@dylan @support
So I’ve managed to upload several thousand files to the ROCK Internal Storage - it’s taken a while! However I just uploaded the files and didn’t include their group folders as I wish to consolidate all music into one folder

I’ve restored the latest backup - now however I can only edit the location of one of my previous folders to point to ROCK Internal Storage - when I try to point a second folder I get "This folder has already been added message

I get the feeling I’ve lost quite a few edits :frowning:

Hi @MrDenis,

What is the second folder you’re trying to point to? Can you share a screenshot?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Clean Up Library as well?

I’ve worked out how to directly connect my Mac and Mock just using one Ethernet cable and now I’m getting bearable transfer speeds - still only around 10MB/sec but that’s 8x what I was getting

I’ll work out edit and dupe issues once I’ve got the data all in one place

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