Migrating from LMS: Adding Dsd copies of 24/88 albums already in Roon Library


I have a lot of SACD rips in ISO format (which I know Roon doesnt do…hopefully YET?) but can easily convert them to Dsf format to olay in Roon.
I have my Iso rios backed up on another drive not being watched by Roon.
These albums were converted to 24/88 for playback in LMS.

As Roon plays DSF I want to convert my ISOs to DSF.
If I put all my DSF rips in one folder and point Roon to it I will have duplicate albums…

Prefer not to manually go through and delete duplicates, is there way in Rune to automatically ignore duplicate, lower quality duplicate albums?

Ta. :slight_smile:

Assuming the albums are identified, Roon will automatically hide the PCM one behind the DSF one (if the PCM is 96 or less). So you’re all good.

Yep, you’ll be fine I have some 24/192 and DSD versions of the same album. Roon just stacks them and allows you to choose which you would like to be your primary album to play by default.

Cool, these Roon guys kmow their stuff…