Migrating from Roon server on Windows to ROCK on NUC

I’m currently planning to switch from Roon Server on a Windows PC to ROCK on a NUC.

I’ve read information about how to back up your Roon database from Roon Core, but not Roon Server.

Do I just close Roon and copy across the Roon folders to a backup disk (I copied the Roon, RoonGoer, RoonServer and RAATServer folders). I used to run Roon Core on this machine but then switched to Roon Server, and wonder if that’s why there are both Roon and RoonServer folders.

When I install Rock on the NUC and want to back up my database, can I do it from one of the above folders (presumably the RoonServer folder)? Or is there something else I need to do?

Also - I’m planning to change my music storage/source from my NAS to a USB drive connected to the NUC. Will this mess with the Roon database when I migrate and do I need to do anything here?

You don’t need to (and you probably shouldn’t) copy any Roon folders manually. That way easily leads to problems unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Far better to follow the steps given in the KB article on migrating to ROCK and take a Backup of your database, then subsequently restore that on to your new Core running on ROCK.

Thanks Geoff. I had thought that I couldn’t back it up that way as I was running Roon Server - but it seems that I can back it up from one of the Roon remotes. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Once you’ve restored your database backup onto your ROCK Core, you need to edit the NAS Watched Folder entry in Settings/Storage to reflect that you want to use your USB drive folder as the Watched Folder. Editing this entry tells Roon to use the USB drive.

Excellent, thanks!

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Where do you currently have your Backup folder? Is it on your Windows PC or on your NAS?

If it’s the latter, then you should be able to find it in a straightforward manner from your new Roon Core (using your Roon Remote).

However, if you’ve been storing your Backups on the PC, then you first need to make the Roon Backups folder a shared folder, so that it will be accessible by the new Core now running on ROCK over the network…

I think the automatic backups had been to a folder on the PC - though I’ve just manually backed up to a USB drive. My plan would be to connect this drive to the NUC in order to restore the backup.

OK, that would work - providing that you’ve backed up to a folder that is NOT a subfolder of what will be the root folder of your music…

No, music will be on a separate USB drive. Hoping that the USB (USB3, 10TB) rather than NAS connection to the NUC will make things a bit snappier.

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