Migrating from Win10 to Nucleus

I will be migrating from a Win10 computer to a new Nucleus later this week. I’ve read the Knowledge Base and am in pretty good shape. Just two questions for those who have done it:

  1. My current storage is on a NAS. I will be installing a 2TB SSD in the Nucleus and then transfering the music on the NAS to it (after formatting the SSD). The KB instructs to install the SSD now (my emphasis) in step 2 under “Prepare storage and audio devices.” This is the step after connecting the Nucleus and updating its firmware. I’d rather install the SSD as a first step, as it would be a bit of a pain to put the Nucleus in my audio cabinet just to perform the initial firmware update, only to have to pull it out again for the SSD installation. Do you think I’d have any issues installing the SSD as a first step? Of course, after I format the SSD, I’ll then transfer the music from my NAS.

  2. I understand that I need to rename or delete the previous core on the Win10 computer. I have already saved that core to a USB key so I may migrate it according to the instructions. Is it necessary to rename/delete that core before I migrate the core via USB to the Nucleus?

Thanks for any suggestions!

You don’t needs to delete it whilst migrating just ensure you deauthorise it when you connect the remote to the new one. Make sure you music is all copied over before this though. Then you should see an option to restore a backup to the new core. After its all done shutdown old core and uninstall it.

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You can hook up the Nucleus to any LAN point headless and power it up and get it updated etc via a remote roon connection…then once that’s all done install the SSD then put in into the cabinet where you want it to reside permanently.

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@wizardofoz @CrystalGipsy Thanks for your help, as the install went flawlessly. My music has never sounded better. :grinning:

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