Migrating library from ROCK to Windows causes re-analysis of "all" media

Roon Core Machine

Migrating Roon Server from ROCK on NUC6i5 to Win 10 on NUC10i7
Current ROCK with fully identified media library on external LaCie 5Tb, backed up to SSD Portable. This backup restored to new Roon Server install (on new Win 11 OS) on the NUC10i7 with THE SAME portable 5Tb LaCie

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

The portable LaCie holds abou 8.500 albums + 350 albums on Qobuz

Description of Issue

Addition 2022-01-28:
The old thread was closed but i got my mittens on a NUC10i7 rather and did the very same manouvre on that one rather.

After the restore, and login on the new Core/Server (through controller on iPad Pro) it seems that the whole library needs to be re-analyzed? The Album count on the home page stays still, but the small spinning circle tells me that it identifies X no of new tracks continuously (at least an hour or so up and running).

I have migrated my library in various scenarios before, but the tracks have previously been identified as “the same”, and there has been very limited re-analysis.

Has something changed in track identification that causes this or what? I’m on build 884 of course…

Like last time, i gave up on the re-analysis under Windows and rather decided to go ROCK on this NUC.
So after install of ROCK, starting up, restoring the very same backup again, and then logging in.

My client (on iPad Pro) connected to this “new” Core without issues and to my surprise the whole library was complete, identified and fully analysed.

So, it seems that it’s not possible to migrate from ROCK to Windows with the media library on an external drive. At least not without the need to re-analyze every file in your library.

The external storage location that was on the old ROCK NUC, was it showing as available or unavailable when you went to the Settings/Storage on the Windows Core?

The storage location required editing, as the computer name was different under Windows.
The external drive was correctly identified though, it’s name is “LaCie” or something similar.

I am sure i have migrated Cores before that required Storage path editing though, but didn’t require a re-analysis?


Maybe, my memory is hazy at that point. I seem to remember a rescan, not a re-analysis, occurred. But, how long that would go depends on library size, I guess. Either way, interesting. Maybe we can get an official explanation of what should happen in this situation.

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If the path to the files isn’t identical in both systems it reruns analysis. Been this way forever.

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I also say…this is the way

You asked a similar questions an age ago:

This is not the first time i see Roon crew referring to files as “same, same” wherever they are moved or found. I cannot find any reference to this in the KB though, specifically in the migrating article.

Ya, didn’t work then, doesn’t work now.

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