Migrating music library

I am planning to restore my large music library from my backup qnap to a fresh qnap. I have a roon metadata backup from the existing library. Before restoring the music library to the new qnap, should I start by restoring the roon metadata backup to the new qnap?

Norman not sure this is the right way but when I recently replaced my Nuc I copied the music and then restored the backup.

I rebooted just to make sure and all was good with the system

Hi @Norman_Spector,

Are you moving the Roon core to another device?

If not, there should be no need to restore a Roon Backup, just edit storage location in Roon’s settings so it points to the new QNAP’s network share (where the music file are).

No, the roon core will stay on the nucleus plus. Are you saying there’s nothing in the roon metadata backup that is missing from my library backup that is on another qnap?

The Roon database is stored on the Nucleus, not the QNAP. All that’s changing is the location of the music files.

All that should be required is to edit Roon’s settings to point it at the new storage location.

Make sure you edit the location, do not create a new as it’s important that Roon only sees one set of files (the it knows they have moved rather being new files).

Of course it’s always wise to have a recent Roon DB backup to mitigate the unexpected but in this case you should not need to.

Ah, I get it.

However, I believe I created a new location and deleted the previous location of the music library

Can be done that way, but it’s safer to delete the old location before creating the new one … otherwise if both old and new shares are active Roon would see both sets of files at that same time and would thus treat the new files as new imports rather than just relocated.

I suggest you check your import dates and play history still look good … if fine great … if not restore the DB backup and use the edit location method.

Thanks; very helpful

Play history intact; once again, thanks for you help

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Excellent news, thanks for the updated.