Migrating ROCK to new HW

I couldn’t find any info on whether it’s possible to change the hardware on a ROCK install without rebuilding the DB and first and foremost reusing the internal storage drive?
Lets say that i have a NUC6i3 with the ROCK and Roon DB on an SSD and the storage on an external USB-drive. Now i have bought a NUC7i7 and want to migrate.
Will the database need to be rebuilt and does the new ROCK install require the USB drive to be reformatted?

From the Rock storage basics:

There are a few disadvantages to using the NUCs internal storage, including:

The internal drive is formatted from the web interface when you first set up ROCK, so you won’t be able pre-load music onto the drive – you’ll start with an empty drive, and copy your music over later
The largest hard disk that you can currently fit in a NUC is 2TB, and the largest SSD is 4TB (and very expensive).
It’s more work to replace an internal drive if it fails, since you need to open up the NUC to swap it.

DB should just be able to be restored as normal

Thanks @Ratbert, and that is why i am wondering what will happen if the storage drive is already formatted by ROCK.
It’s not that fun copying 4Tb of data… :wink:

It implies the disk will be formatted irrespective, maybe one of the Roon team can clarify?

Lets ping @RoonFAQ for this one!

I’m confused here, we seem to be talking about drives installed internally in an NUC and about external drives attached via USB. ROCK handles them differently.

Internal drives: there are two possibilities:

  • The M.2 SSD, where the ROCK OS is installed
  • an optional additional 2.5" drive (SSD or HDD) which can be used to store music files.

When installing/reinstalling ROCK, the M.2 SSD will always be formatted - one of the reasons that you can’t use it to store your music on.

The first time ROCK sees an internal 2.5" drive, it will need to be formatted. Once that’s done, you don’t need to do it again (even if ROCK is reinstalled); just use it for your music.

And the same goes for an external USB drive - once it’s formatted, and seen by ROCK as music storage, you don’t need to format it again if ROCK is reinstalled. Just use it.

Roon’s database lives on the M.2 SSD in a ROCK NUC. Make sure that you automatically back this up (preferably to external storage). Then on installation/reinstallation of ROCK, it can just be restored…

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Ah, excellent, this was what i was looking for. There is hope! :slight_smile:
Thanks @Geoff_Coupe