Migrating Roon Core from Mac Mini to Antipodes CX

**Mac Mini i5 (mid-2011/macOS Sierra 10.12.6)/Roon Version 1.7, build 571.

**Network Details (Verizon Fios G1100 router/modem—> CAT5e—>Wall Plate—>WW Ethernet—>EtherREGEN—>WW Ethernet—>Cary DMS-600 Streamer/DAC. Mac Mini is directly connected to router. Music files are backed up on separate external drive.

I will soon take delivery of an Antipodes CX. In preparation for it, I would like to know if there are any special considerations for migrating the Roon Core from the Mac Mini to the Antipodes CX. I searched and this is the topic that come closest to addressing this question, but provides no answer: Assistance Required - Migrating to Headless Server & Changing Platforms

I am willing to use a USB thumb drive if that is easier, but prefer a direct USB from Mac to Antipodes if possible.

Hi @asindc, I suggest to email us at support@antipodes.audio to discuss what you want to migrate.

Suggest you look here too


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Hello @asindc, looks like you got some help here. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Received my CX last night. Currently backing up Core from Mac Mini to USB flash drive. Despite several reboots of router, CX, and Mac Mini, Roon does not see the CX. The Mac Mini sees it, however. I have followed the Roon Server instructions in the online Antipodes V2 User Guide.

Hi @asindc,

The Roon Server app should be installed by default on the CX, but check that it does show in the GUI under Apps. Also, unde Apps/Audio App Switcher check that Roon Ready shows as Active.

You can contact me at support@antipodes.audio if you still have a problem.

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I figured out that I needed to disconnect the Core from the Mac Mini before the CX would show up in Roon.

The CX is now active but it is not finding the backup on either of the two USB flash drives I backed up to. An email to you is on its way.

Hello @asindc, once you have authorized your new core, please share a screenshot of the backup you’re trying to restore so I can make sure everything you need is there, thanks! It should looks something like this:


Tony from Antipodes got me up and running. Thanks.

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