Migrating Roon Core - Mac/Windows

I currently us a Mac with roon core. I would like to migrate my core to Roon Server running on custom built windows 10 PC that will also function as a HQplayer upsampling machine. The pc has a fast SSD. I’m planning to leave my music files on a firewire raid drive attached to the mac and access that as a NAS. I’ve backed up my roon database from the mac. Can someone point me to directions for how to set up roon server on the pc while preserving my existing database (from the mac)?



Have a look at this.


Or just consult the Knowledge Base:


thanks…so if I’m moving to roon server just rename the roon folder Roon Server?

Hi Robert,

Yes, just rename it.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, but reinstall Roon Server after doing so to ensure you have Roon Server in the new location. The KB article could use some editing to make that clear (if only there was a KB Editor around …).

Take a backup of the database before you start is the most important thing (close Roon to do it). That way you can always find your way home.

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