Migrating Roon Core to a new computer

I need someone to walk me through setting up a different computer as the Core. I am using a Mac with an external drive for my library. I would like to keep my favorites within Tidal

This article from the Knowledge Base has all you need:



What’s the procedure for moving the Roon app with all it’s associated settings to a new computer (mac studio), rather than to a new core? I’m (shamefully, but successfully) using the same device, an Innuos Zenith SE as both the core and the server. I’ve recorded all the settings on the Roon App on my mac computer. I’ve noticed that when I go to Setup, Find Roon OS and click on Find, a search for the Roon OS Core commences, but never ends. This has me a bit nervous, since the Innuos Zenith SE is the Roon Core and I expect I’ll need to discover it to get it to work on the new computer. Core name is zenith in Roon Setup.
Latest Roon 1.8 build used.

Just install the Roon App for MacOS on your new Mac, and when you start it up, it should find the Core on your Innuos Zenith.

The “Find Roon OS” is not applicable in your setup, since the Zenith doesn’t use Roon OS. Only the Nucleus and ROCK/NUC systems use Roon OS.

Excellent. Thank you. How does the Roon Library Backup become associated with the new Roon App Mac OS install?

You haven’t moved your Core from the Innous - you’ve just installed a Roon client on your new Mac, so everything should just be as it was?

Thank you. Haven’t done anything yet. Just thinking it through before I do it. The Roon backup goes to a NAS and the Roon Core/Server backup goes to another location on the same NAS. I’m hoping what your are saying is that the Roon Library will not be affected by the change in computer with the Roon App for Mac OS?

You are just adding another Roon app to your existing setup, and this acts as a Control component. The Roon database that holds the settings is part of the Core, and that remains in place on your Zenith.