Migrating Roon Server to New Mac Mini with Music Files on External Drive (ref#4C50LJ)

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I am currently running Roon Server on a late-2012 Mac mini running macOS 10.15.7 and want to migrate the app to a new M2 Pro Mac mini. Most of my 45,000+ music files are on an external hard drive connected via USB to the old Mac mini. Four music files are on the internal hard drive. I'm thinking migration is pretty straightforward:

(1) Set up new Mac mini as a "new device".
(2) Attach the external hard drive to the new Mac mini
(3) Copy four music files to the new Mac mini internal hard drive
(4) Install Roon Server on the new Mac mini
(5) Restore Roon backup from old Mac mini installation
(6) Enjoy!

Is this correct? Are there any "gotchas" to keep in mind?

@Omar_Chaudhry, have you reviewed the process below:

Your process looks OK, not sure you need to copy the music files to your new mini, the external drive may be a fine solution. Not sure what your step 3 covers by copying four music files to the new mini though:

Also, make sure you have the most recent Roon backup created from within Roon for the restoration, or create one just before you start the migration process.


Much appreciated @Robert_F !

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Hi @Omar_Chaudhry,
Were you able to successfully migrate to your new Mac Mini?

Yes, the approach I outlined worked perfectly. Thanks for following up!

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