Migrating to a new Core - Finding Roon Database

hope i can make my point clear.
Scanned my iTunes library, everything fine. Did this on the MAC in the city where i work, not at my homeplace. Scan + Analysis needed round about 10 hours for 6.400 Albums - okay for me.
Now i want to install the roon core on my home system on another MAC - and want to avoid to scan the library again.
Where can i find the data Roon analysed respectively what can i copy/paste from the first MAC to avoid a second scan on thehomeplace MAC?


Backup the database and restore it on the other Mac…tracks will need to be the same and folders etc however I think.

It will still have to scan to determine any differences

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thanks wizardofoz,
how do i copy the roon database and where is it on a mac?

thanks again

found it … thanks!

Its an option in the settings to backup and restore. Copy will be unpredictable - so use the details here


Okay, thanks. This is a completely different way than my intended copy/paste…

copy and pasted is a very bad way to move a database…timemachine is even worse.

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Either way it can be a rough ride. I just moved my DB and Roon then asked for login and sat and spun for minutes, then told me my internet connection is down (not). Then it asked me if I want to use this PC as the core, creating some fear that the database had been lost or corrupted.

Finally the login worked and the library was still there. So it does work, but Roon’s error messaging leads one in wrong directions. Point being, don’t panic, these are just the rough edges of the product.