Migrating/transferring to new computer

Hello - I am upgrading from late 2012 i7 mac min 16GB RAM using Samsung 4TB SSD (have only stored about 0.6TB) to new 2020 M1 Mac Mini also with 16GB RAM.

My system is very simple – Roon Core is on my Mac Mini, I use Schiit Yggy GS to Schiit Rggy2 to my speakers OR Meridian Explorer 2 for MQA.

  • OS is Catalina
  • I use WiFi and NOT Ethernet connection
  • I have Qobuz and TIDAL
  • I have about 4000 albums about 27000 tracks in MY LIBRARY
  • I have hundreds of self made playlists I made on TIDAL and Qobuz
  • I have a lifetime subscription since ROON came out
  • I have version 1.8 build 884

What EXACTLY do I have to do to completely transfer Roon Core to the new Mac?
I have read the FAQs just let me know if you can put it in simpler terms or take over my computer and walk it through for me.

Thanks bobbmd

Where is your music stored, and will that drive still be available?
If the drive location is not changing, then you should be able to do a library backup on the old computer, copy that backup somewhere you can keep, and then restore from that backup once roon is running on the new computer.

@Robert_Holloway Thanks for replying–my music is ‘stored’ on my mac mini in ROON/Audirvana Studio/ TIDAL desktop app/ Qobuz desktop app/ and in what used to be my iTunes library now called MUSIC(hidden somewhere by APPLE)–all my music is playlists I have made on TIDAL/Qobuz and imbedded on ROON and AS( also transferred from pandora spotify deezer via SOUNDIIZ)–I don’t have any downloaded/purchased music
My current drive is 4TB Samsung SSD using OS Catalina// the new Macmini drive will be an M1 with 16GB RAM what ever their newest OS is.
I do backups on iCloud and back up ROON on ROON same for AS.
Is this going to be some complicated process that I will regret upgrading (finally) after10years to most up to date Apple Macmini??
I have had ROON since it’s introduction and am a lifetime subscriber(whatever that means at my age-my CFO’s comment not mine) and would hate lose all my efforts in putting together playlists favorites etc.
thanks again

If you don’t have any music files to keep, then your roon library should be just referring to tidal and qobuz songs and playlists. Those are not going anywhere.
So installing roon on another computer should not lose anything once you have imported from the latest library backup.
It sounds like you have a whole replacement computer so you can’t break the old one when setting up the new one, if for any reason your library doesn’t work when you transfer it over.

@Robert_Holloway thanks again and best wishes I will keep my fingers crossed same for AS as I been assured the same by@ Damien/Antoine

As long as you have not set any options under Storage in Roon, all your music resides with the streaming services. Make sure you do a Roon database backup stored somewhere other than the old mac mini, deauthorize your old mini, authorize your new one and restore from your Roon backup.

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Hi @bobbmd - thanks for reaching out about this, it seems like you’ve gotten some great advice from everyone who commented on your post (thanks everyone!)

I was hoping to check in to see how the migration of Core devices went? Are you having any trouble with the process or anything else? Feel free to let us know, we’re happy to help!

@ashley thanks I don’t have the new M1 mini yet I use a certified Apple shop in New Hartford NY and they are doing the transfer. Far better than an Apple Store. I have backed up ROON (and Audirvāna) several ways including their respective ‘backups’ and iCloud. I am hoping because I have a very simple system with CORE on the Mac and no downloads just what I have from/onTIDAL and Qobuz plus my ripped to MUSIC 800plus CDs and hundreds of my playlists made on ROON and from TIDAL/Qobuz it should be seamless I HOPE! I just hope if something goes wrong ROON will do what Antoine/Sebastian did from France for me he took over my computer and fixed my problem online when I lost everything on Audirvāna— that’s what I and Chris from audiophilestyle said was GREAT SERVICE.And if I have to sign in I hope I remember my password since I have been lifetime subscriber since the getgo( but my CFO says what does ‘lifetime’ mean at your age). I will let you know if I can’t figure out how to reopen retrieve my ROON. bobbmd

@BCBC thanks I hope so

@bobbmd Thanks for the update on how the migration is going! I’m hoping that it is smooth sailing, it does sound like it should be a simple transfer. If any problems arise, you can definitely let us know and we can do our best to help you through the process! Feel free to take a look at our Migration Article for some detailed information regarding transferring Cores.

If you don’t remember your password, that shouldn’t be a problem, as you can always request a password reset that will send a link to your email address so that you can re-create one. All you’ll need to do is go to www.roonlabs.com/account and under the login portion, you’ll see “Reset Password” and as long as you have access to the email address, you can reset your password with that link.

We’ll be here for you if you need us! Fingers crossed that everything goes well! :crossed_fingers:t3:

@ashley @Robert_Holloway @BCBC : thanks for you advice and especially @ashley for reaching out and asking how things went.
WELL guys/ladies everything went well the transfer of my individual TIDAL&Qobuz accounts were fine ROON migrated exactly as I had it on the old mac min–it even loads faster!! I had to make a few adjustments and resign into TIDAL/Qobuz ALL my playlists migrated over— Audirvana Studio did the same also with few adjustments and resign ins.
If I have any probs or questions in coming days will get back to y’all thanks again for taking the time to be interested in my new M1 mini–BUT would prefer that beautiful screen of Catalina instead of the drifting sands of Mojave(reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia!!) thanks again

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You can change back to the Catalina desktop image in System Prefs.


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