Migration & backup: checking before action

Hello there

Before I start the process I would like to double check few things in order to avoid any mistakes.


I’m using a MacBook Air for the server. It got 128 GB disk space. A 2 TB HDD (half full) is connected to it via USB. For the client, I use a MacBook Pro 2018.
I haven’t started the backup of the DB process, yet.


I want to buy a Mac mini 2018, if annonced, to replace my old MBA.

I have the following questions:

  1. Typical backup size of the DB: how could I check the size of the backup before backing up? I’m afraid my MBA with 80/100 GB disk space left won’t be enough.

  2. Backup: would you recommend to do it on the MBA SSD or the HDD where my music is?

  3. Clarification on migration process:

I read the topic in the KB. Is the following correct:

  1. Turn off the client on the MacBook Pro
  2. Start the backup process on the MBA
  3. Naviguate in the MBA to find where is the backup. Copy the backup on a HDD or USB stick
  4. Install Roon on the Mac mini & plug the 2 TB HDD with all the musics.
  5. Don’t login and use the restore link at start-up screen & plug the USB stick with the DB backup
  6. Once restore, open Roon

My question is on step 5: during restore, will the DB backup be transfered to the local Mac mini SSD?

Your initial backup (sounds like you haven’t been using Roon’s backup til now if I read your post correctly) will be approximately the same size as the Roon Database. So you can navigate to the database folder on your MacBook Air and ask Finder to tell you how large it is. Don’t be surprised to find that it isn’t that large in raw size.

Hello there

Alright, I did the backup, it’s around 340 MB. So I just need to copy it to the new Mac mini and then point the folder at startup right?

Just wanted to clarify: the import backup feature through Roon…is it copying and pasting the physical backup somewhere that I can choose?

Roon’s database is a fixed location. You do not choose where to restore to, since it will always restore to the fixed location.

Ok thanks.

And you confirm: I don’t need to buy a second license: I can just transfer Roon Core from MacBook Air to Mac mini, right?

Transferred license from iMac to ROCK… but it was a really old Celeron so transferred back to my old iMac without any issues, all in the space of a week :+1:

I’m thinking a newer NUC running ROCK for myself rather than a newer Mac Mini just because I know it will only be running processed needed to work as a Roon Core, but I’m going to investigate running Roon Core on UnRaid because if I get that working, I’m certain I won’t be able to hear any difference when listening (age!) so won’t need to buy a NUC :thinking:

Which NUC are you considering?
I’d like a NUC to be used as a media center to play 4K/60 Hz, does it exist?

Hello there

I am getting the Mac mini on Friday. Are the settings stored in the Backup folder, too?

Wow the migration was easy-peasy. It took me just 3 steps and 3 minutes. Well done me and well done Roon!