Migration from all in one

I have roon all in one on my desktop

I will be moving roon core to a nuc

I then want my desktop to only have output and control

Please provide the steps, in order, to accomplish this

@glenn_kime Just run Roon Bridge on the original PC and it will be seen as an endpoint. You can still run Roon as remote on the PC along side Bridge. You should backup your database and restore it to the new NUC/ROCK setup. You can install the Roon Server parts on the original PC

There are instructions in the KB pages


Hi Glenn,

This KB page should get you sorted.

Thanks, so no need to uninstall roon all in one to remove core?

Per the KB just rename/delete old DB?

Will my devices running remote automatically find the new core? What stops the old core from showing up?

Correct. That’s what removing the old DB does.



you renamed/deleted the old db, so you are starting fresh. when you select to use that Roon as a remote, it wont enable the Core.