Migration from NAS to Nucleus


Do I need to manually copy my media from NAS to the Nucleus if I would like to have a standalone Roon?

If you want the music on your NAS to be on the Nucleus, you need to manually move it. This is a simple ‘drag and drop’ from the NAS directory to the Nucleus storage drive. You need an internal drive in the Nucleus in addition the the M2 SSD drive that Roon is installed on (the M2 drive can’t be used to store music).
You can also have the Nucleus view the NAS as a directory and the Nucleus will play music from the NAS. You don’t need to move the music then, just define the NAS as a storage location.
Your choice.

Be aware that drag and drop can take hours, even days if done on a Mac or PC using wireless. I found it much faster to use a wired connection for my laptop which reduced transfer time from 2 days to six hours.

Is there any file transfer functionality in Nucleus where I could use LAN connection to transfer my files?

No, there is no file transfer functionality integrated in Nucleus. Before you start, you might want to read the following knowledge base articles that cover the process:

You could also get an external USB drive, move your files there with a wired PC for faster transfer, and then just plug it into the Nucleus.