Migration issues and non-playable files (Mac to PC)

I migrated my Roon Server from Mac to W10 PC. The back-up loaded and I set my storage location to the new folder on the W10 machine. Everything looked mirror perfect until I hit play. Every track showed an error. I finally figured to rescan the library and this got songs playing. However, some album are now split, where half the songs are in one group and the others (including now non-playable songs) were in another group. I tried merging the albums, I tried reloading the albums, I even tried deleting the albums but it wouldn’t allow me to delete them. My library played perfectly on the Mac. No non-playable songs at all. I need big help because I don’t want to lose my 30 playlists I have.

Are the files on the Windows machine now as well?
Did you make a new storage entry or edit the previous Mac location to be the new location?

You might review the FAQ on storage migration: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_How_do_I_move_my_collection_to_a_new_folder%2C_hard_drive_or_NAS%2C_Will_I_lose_my_edits%3F

The files are on a SSD on the W10 machine. Before the migration, I did a manual back-up and have not added any new media since.

[UPDATE] I was able to pinpoint my issue to the back-up file. Reinstalling Roon and importing my library as brand new worked. I lost all my play counts, and are having to rebuild all my playlists, and guest artists, but my album count is correct.

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Glad to hear that you got it working.

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