Migration MacMini Server to Windows based Purist MusicServer

I use up to now a MacMini Server as host for the Roon Core.

Now I will change the MusicServer and I will use a windows based Purist MusicServer. The OS will be Windows 7. The music files will be ripped with the Purist stored on the local hard disk.

On the MacMini storage location are network-volumes. Because of the migration the location will change (local on Purist). I will rip all redbooks again on the Purist.

My question: How it is possible and is it possible at all to transfer

  • Playlists
  • Tags
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Internet Radio Stations
  • Tidal added files
  • …?

What will be the necessary steps besides the new installation of Roon Core on the new server?

Instructions are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Migration

Mike thank you for the link. I will try to migrate according these instructions next weekend.

I have decided not not migrate the old database (MacMini/iTunes), but instead build a new database on the Purist server and to transfer playlists, tags, bookmarks and … manually.

With the Purist I decided to master- rip all CDs (round about 2.500) again because the quality of the Purist ripped music files is much better.

Now my problem/question: Is it possible for the period of ripping (I assume round about half an year, to use Roon with the Purist and parallel with the old iTunes database.

The iTunes based Roon I will use in this period to transfer manually my playlists/tags in the completely new generated Purist based Roon database. And as a second I will check completeness with the old Roon/iTunes database using a Tag “transferred”.

Will this be possible out of a license perspective and out of a technical perspective (one account for two different physical databases (one on my MacMini with iTunes / one on my Win7-Purist)?