Migration to Linux Server issue

I’ve replaced my OS on where Roon ran from Windows to Linux (Elementary OS). I was able to install the Roon Server and then restore my latest backup. The part I’m getting hung up on is that Roon says that “This drive is not available. Check the drive or edit this folder if it’s been moved.”

The music is on a secondary non-boot hard drive in my computer. I haven’t made any changes on the drive after installing Linux and my OS can see the drive and files without issue. If I try to add a new folder in a Roon control point it does not see the drive either. Is there a dependency I’m missing?

Tidal playback works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please share a screenshot of Settings > Storage and confirm the mount point of the second drive, e.g. share the content of /etc/fstab.

Was this drive formatted as ExFAT or FAT32? How is it connected, e.g. USB?

I stumbled upon the answer while I was struggling to make a persistent share to my NAS (which my music is not on). I noticed that /media/USER/music (music is the name of the hard drive) in the home directory was where the drive was mapped to on the OS hard drive. So I edited the drive in roon to use the mirrored location on the OS drive and looks like everything is working.

I’m not sure the formatting of the drive. It’s a SATA drive inside the computer case.

Hopefully this is the correct way to associate the drive and I’m not losing any performance. Please let me know if this is a poorly hacked solution. Thanks!

It would seem that the drive is auto-mounted to /media. This isn’t a ‘mirrored’ location, but where the files are located … your solution is fine.

Let me know how it is. When Roon for Linux first came out I tried it out and had some issues. But, that has been a long time ago.

My Pinkfaun 2.16 runs on Audiolinux, and is running Roon without any issues.

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