Migration to ROCK ; database missing

I´ve prepared a NUC 5i5 to run ROCK in my network.
The main reason to try ROCK was the hints that the Asustor i am using is not be good enought for my ammount of CD´s which i like to handle
I followed the guidelines
- migrating to ROCK
- to backup the database of my Intstallation on an USB drive
- install Rock on NUC
- Installing Codecs and Setting Up For First Run
- show the backup file to rock and let it use
finaly ROCK is runnin on my NUC. I can log on. OS, Roon DB settings and Roon Server SW show OK! Pinging shows value smaler than 1ms!

Next step is to bring in the backup from USB drive.
Roon - App on my PC shows “Chose your Roon Core”, ROCK is shown, indicating with a green ball Ready!
Using the connect is asking for the login (every time!) / enter email and according PW / Entry page shows up/ one playlist shows up and the message “You need to add music to start experiencing roon!”
The Home page shos a statistic of 4 weeks and a public radio station (which is working). I can over and over again to tell over sttting/backups/Find backups/browse/ folder/ the backup file location/Backup manager takes the seleted file/ restore starts/ restore succesful/ relaunch/ ROCK shows red and is not available, available 2 min ago.

i have to start all over againj. all the time the same. btw. Nuc is up and running

Question: Where went the database from my backup? or what do i have to do differently?

Any similar experience?

Any recommendation from your side how to continue?

How did you perform the backup?

Roon App is running on NAS ( Asustor 5104T). The NAS has the possibillity to connect an USB drive to it. This what i have done as{USB1-2].

Settings / backup / Roon database backups/ Backup now (Backups)/ Manual Backup/
SelectLocation / choose folder to backup to / under folder listing [USB1-2]

Msg.: Manuaal backup / start/ Snapshooting db for backup
Msg life : backup status…
ending ith success Msg!
shutting down the NAS /disconnecting USB drive.

connecting this USB drive direct to NUC
power on NUC …etc

I get ask to lock in entering the autorisation and PW

I never get asked or can´t see in thre left lower hand corner the Msg “restore Backup” !!! thats what the description says!

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