Migration to Roon

Hi All,

Quick question:

I did two complete backups of my Sooloos DB (one from a Mac, one from Windows), which shows around 9k albums. Each took about 3 days. Whew!

Now I’m trying to do a full FLAC export of everything in anticipation for switching over to Roon. I started with the Windows version (Control:PC) but it kept hanging after a few hundred tracks, so I switched to the Mac version (Control:Mac). After 24 hours, about 15k tracks have been transferred to a late-model QNAP NAS, hard-wired through a TP-Link switch to a Mac router. At this rate I guess the complete export will take about a week, based upon a track count of 121k.

Is this a reasonable rate of transfer? Why are transfer of tracks so much slower than backups? Is it because of the NAS? Both backups were done to USB drives connected directly to the computer. Is there a faster method?



IMHO exporting across the network (to a NAS)was a very slow process. My conclusion was that the tagtool.exe (which within Sooloos tags the untagged Sooloos music files to become regular tagged files) does NOT work across network locations.

If you re-run the export to a local drive (e.g. your USB drive) then it should run significantly faster.