Migration to sonicTransporter - the restored Roon Core backup is reporting failed to load media

Hi guys

I’ve done a manual back of a library in preparation for moving my database to another core.

Roon then said the restore was successful and my library appeared on my new core exactly as it did on my previous core - so far so good and I was very happy at this point.

But when I went to play USB drive files, I got the message ‘failed to load media’.

It seems the links to the physical files are not accurate/matching up :frowning:

Is this common with USB drives and moving to new cores?

Not 100% certain this applies here, but you could try editing the storage location. In Settings, choose Storage and then click on the 3 dot menu to the right of your storage location. Choose edit and browse to the relevant folder. There have been situations where this did the trick even if your music had not been moved.

Let us know how you do, cheers!

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The problem with the sonicTransporter though is I can’t edit anything there for the watched location “music folder”. Paging @agillis

If I add the new storage location, it re-imports everything and I get double of everything.

Even manually re-scanning an album that fails to load and re-identifying that album, one by one, doesn’t work.

But the library looks identical to my previous core’s library. Except nothing plays.

And when I go to ‘view file info’ the path actually looks correct.

The backup feature sounds great in theory but I can’t see any way around this with the sonicTransporter :cry:

Ok I’ve booted the sonicT without the USB drive even plugged in and it still shows the entire library, so something funny is going on.

Usually when that happens you see the library slowly disappear before your very eyes when the USB drive with all the music is not plugged in.

the sonicTransporter is showing Roon database size is 3gb which is correct

Help @support and @agillis :sob:

The backup (done manually in Roon 1.3) is stored on the same USB drive that has the music. Roon successfully restores the backup (I get the confirmation message).

[quote=“Sean2016, post:3, topic:28611”]
The problem with the sonicTransporter though is I can’t edit anything there for the watched location “music folder”.
[/quote]The default Music watched folder is not editable, it can only be disabled.

I suspect there’ some issue in where that default Music folder point to in your old setup (could you details please) and where it now point when running on the SonicTransporter.

[quote=“Sean2016, post:3, topic:28611”]
If I add the new storage location, it re-imports everything and I get double of everything.
[/quote]That implies the new Watch folder is working, but as the default Music is still active (ish) Roon is reimported as new music. No what you want of course.

You could try this:

  • Restoring the backup
  • Disabling the default watched folder
  • Adding a new watched folder

You can’t for the sonicTransporter.

It has a default folder programmed already and that can’t be edited.

The restore is fine and was successful.

Adding a new watched folder means a re-import of everything and a re-analysis of everything - everything I was trying to avoid with a backup and restore.

Sorry the penny dropped (it was the default Music watched folder) after I initially posted, I’ve since I edited my post.
However, it would only be a workaround … so best to get feedback from @support and @agillis to get to the root cause of this issue.

You are correct that you can not edit the watch folder on a sonicTransporter. But you can easily disable it and add another one.

By default the sonictransporter watches the entire storage folder where the USB drive is mounted. So if you moved your database from one sonicTransporter to another and moved the drive as well it would still be in the same location.

So I’m not sure why there is a problem.

If you are still having problems please contact me directly for support.

Absolutely but then you go through the entire re-analysis again which defeats the purpose of a backup and restore. You startt from scratch.

I don’t think so. I’ve moved from one computer to another and from one storage location to another and Roon is clever enough to recognize that the same overall directory structure has just moved from one location to another and adds everything into your library without reanalyzing everything and maintains all the history and edits that were made.

Not seeing that when I do what Andrew says and disable the default watch folder and a new folder with the same USB drive location.

I’m watching it re-import and re-analyse everything again.

Strange. For me it took a few minutes to reimport but no reanalyzing. I have only about a 1000 albums and they are all on a USB drive so it may take longer just to import on other configurations with larger libraries.

Definitely strange which is why I reached out to Andrew and Support.

You can disable the default but you should never need to do this. The default includes the USB attached drive.

I understand that @agillis and haven’t add a new folder because I’d love to not have to re-analyse everything again. Are you able to help or this a Roon support thing?

Right and you should not have to. Sounds like you are doing everything right.

I am always available to help anybody who has purchased something from Small green Computer.