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after my migration from mc mini to nucleus, the music files were successfully overwritten on the internal hard drive of the nucleus. the play lists are also copied but unfortunately not playable. the error message is " in the data store " nucleus > Bootcamp > Music.
Message "This disk is not available, check the drive or edit this folder if it has been moved.

my question is: how can i play my files in my playlists again

The Nucleus comes with an OS drive that cannot be used to store music. The music needs to be either on a second drive installed and formatted for use as music storage, or external storage.

Can you post a screen shot of your Nucleus Web UI?

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Hi @Sander_Swildens,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response.

While I can’t make sense of the screenshots (English only) I enabled diagnostics and found something in the logging.

It looks like your databases still think your music is on an Apple HDD and also thinks your Roon backups are in the music folder.

Try this. Remove your storage locations (not just disable them) under Settings>Storage in Roon. You might also need to look at settings>backups and ensure your backup locations reflect the new location based on preferences.


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