MiniDSP and Dirac

MiniDSP have announced new streamers - SHD series. The include DIRAC processing and also have an ethernet port. Volumio will come installed. Link.

Given that Volumio can be installed I wonder if RoonBridge can be run (I’ve run both RoonBridge and Columio on a Raspberry Pi). If so, might make for an interesting ‘DIY Roon Ready’ streamer?

Looks interesting. How much? What version of DIRAC Live will it be running? I believe v2.0 is about to come out.

Haven’t see any pricing yet. MiniDSP forum reply says that they might do a non-Dirac version (which could load FIR filters) but that will depend on demand.

I just installed RoonBridge on a SHD Studio. The only hitch is that ssh is not enabled by default. Details here

How were you able to get around the SSH limitation? I would love to install roon on mine.

Send a request to support, and they will give you the info.

Thanks for that, how does the internal player sound (compared to?)? I had to use a better power supply than supplied, the Meanwell seemed to introduce noise, dimmed the sound.

I’m using squeezelite as a roon endpoint on the SHD. RoonBridge runs but is limited to 16-bit AFAIK. Send it 24-bit, and just noise comes out.

Regarding sound quality, it seems OK. I was using a Logitech Touch, but I have not done a careful comparison.

What power supply worked for you?

I had a spare socket in a JS-2. A bit indulgent but… Otherwise using Allo DS into digital active speakers.

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Is squeezelite working with 24bit? Can you see which local interface squeezelite is sending output to? Maybe if RoonBridge used the same interface…?

EDIT: I followed your link to the minidsp forum and found your posts about it there. Seems RoonBridge needs code tweaking to work with 24bit on Volumio for SHD.

Squeezelite shows no problems with 24-bit. I believe they are using the same interface snd-sun8i-i2s-dac because RoonBridge complained about not being able to access the audio device until I turned off squeezelite.

I’m fine with squeezelite. Don’t tell anyone here but I switch back and forth between LMS and roon.

Thanks! I agree, squeezelite and LMS is great! I used LMS for years before Roon. Main reason I use Roon is convolution. Easier to do room correction in Roon than LMS.