MiniDSP SHD Power is here

MiniDSP SHD Power

There’s a lot of power crammed into this small box. Can’t wait to hear how well it works when it starts showing up in people’s home.

Not roon ready tho…yet

It’s strange because when you go to the web page for the SHD Power they do not mention Roon but when you download the PDF…squint and you may miss it but it’s there or at the least coming sooner rather than later if the PDF is any indication.

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Shame its got no analogue inputs.

I guess it’s Roon function is the Volumio Roon Bridge thing. Same as SHD and SHD Studio. They are working on full RAAT (I’ve heard), but not finished yet. The power amps are probably ICEpower modules.

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Yeah I was looking at the Volumio site to see if that’s how Roon was being enabled but I was a bit tired. Full RAAT would be very nice. Can’t see spending 500 more on something like a Cyrus One Cast which I don’t believe support Roon when the SHD Power delivers more.