MiniDSP SHD Studio auto switching source to LAN

I’m running a MOCK on an Intel i5 desktop which plays over Ethernet connection to a miniDSP SHD studio (hopefully to be certified soon…)
I have found a weird and annoying behavior that whenever Roon performs a restart or a dB backup it will cause the miniDSP to switch source to LAN as if Roon has started a playback. This is annoying since the miniDSP has multiple source in and is also used for TV sound.
I used to have a bluesound Node2i and used it in the exact same mode but it did not switch to LAN unless Roon actually started a playback.

I did contact miniDSP but they claimed that this behavior is required by Roon or that it has to do something with Volumio (which serves as the internal interface of the minidDSP)

I am hoping that Roon team can clarify this.

Hello @Marc_Stern,

Thanks for reaching out!

We do not have any other reports of this behavior on Roon Ready gear, and since this device is not yet certified, we cannot make any comments on how it will perform in Roon.

Our hardware team is working directly with MiniDSP, so we will forward your report to them.

I hope it gets resolved, I wouldn’t expect any Roon ready device to have that kind of behavior

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