miniDSP UDAC-8 driver support?

Does Roopie have built-in driver support for the miniDSP UDAC-8 multichannel USB DAC?

If not, is there some way of making it work? I’d like to use an RPi instead of a PC as a Roon Bridge for a more energy efficient 24/7 solution.

miniDSP has made a write up for JRMC here which refers to “surround71:CARD=UDAC8,DEV=0 [ALSA]" if that helps.

From that page, it looks like it’s just an ASLA PCM driver supported directly by the kernel. The “surround71” is the mixer label. So this isn’t really a question for RoPieee, but Roon itself, since it’s Roon Bridge that enumerates ALSA interfaces back to the Roon Core. If it’d been working with Roon Bridge on your PC, then there is at least some hope it will work correctly under Linux.

You could always boot something like “Ubuntu Live” from a USB stick on your PC, install Roon Bridge to that and see how it shows up in Roon. If that works, then you should get the same experience on an RPi.

Or just order an RPi4 and try it, given how inexpensive they are.

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