Minimize to notification area / taskbar: Windows 10

Would it be possible to be able to minimize Roon to the notificaiton area (rather than the taskbar)? e.g. when you ‘close’ Teams or Avast they continue running in the notificaiton area rather than the taskbar. That would prevent accidental shutting down but more importantly, is much more akin to what Roon is doing when running as a core on a computer (i.e. running permanently in the background). It would also then not be cluttering up the taskbar.


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I would LOVE this feature. I use Roon on my PC as much as I use my PC. be great to have the option to minimise roon to the taskbar when closing or minimising the Roon app.


honestly its making me sit on the fence of keeping Roon. i am in a 60 day trial that came with my device and i am not buying a stand alone core. but my system runs several things and i am NOT going to have a program sitting on my open taskbar 24/7. so response roon please. the lack of response to this in a year is giving me cold feet with paying for this!


i really want this too please add it roon