Minimize to task bar on close

I am sharing my Roon experience with my wife, Core running on my PC and remote on hers.
If the Roon application is closed on my PC , the connection on hers cuts off.
Can you add an option to minimize on close, so the app does not close at all, rather just sits in the task bar? It might help me avoid getting hung drawn and quartered every time I interupt her music by absent mindedly hitting the close option on the software!

Hi again,

In your other post you asked what benefit [for you] would there be running RoonServer over Roon … I think you’ve just found one.

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Indeed, you are right!
Wil have to see if an old pc or a cheap one will fit the bill.

In the meantime you could just run it on your current machine? And then run Roon as a ‘remote’ on the same machine as well? At least it would mean you wouldn’t be in trouble when you closed your copy of Roon…

Oh, I didnt think you could run server and core on the same machine?

Roonserver = Core. The GUI app would be demoted to remote duty only.

Be sure to read this instruction by @kevin and follow it to the letter.

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I unistalled everything and started from scratch - mainly becuase my library is all in TIDAL and on itunes (only 2 albums not DRM’d!) and my hard disk location.

Anyway from a completely fresh start I installed RoonServer and it worked - I could see the taskbar icon and it said it was running. Unfortunately when I installed a fresh copy of Roon on the same PC I could not connect to the library during the install process and i noticed my RoonServer installation stopped also.

I never got to the option of choosing to use the computer as remote.

So I just uninstalled everything again and reinstalled core and all working again. Obviously did something wrong following those instructions.

Hey I got this working. Remote and Server on same PC… Thanks @RBM, I can now avoid the dreaded situation of cutting off the wifes music!