Minimum spec for PC to run Control + (Multichannel HDMI) output?

I want to setup a fanless mini pc to do two things:

  • provide mutli channel output via HDMI (output)
  • provide the control frontend (control)

I am running core on a seperate machine

What would be the minimum spec PC that I could use to do this, and still have the control be responsive and behave in a responsive manner?

Will any PC’s HDMI port be ok? (I am connecting to a Denon AVR-2313 receviver which I have had multi channel PCM work with in the past)

A Celeron NUC will get the job done. Windows and full Roon in control mode will give you control and playback. You will need something recent enough to give you OpenGL 3.0.

You’re asking for the control frontend in addition to the multichannel output. A question: what’s the monitor/screen that you intend to use? E.g. will it be a TV attached to the Denon?

If so, just be aware that the Roon UI is not designed as a “10 foot interface”. It will certainly work on a TV, but the UI is designed for use on screens placed close to the eyeball.

HI Geoff,
Yes, that eas exactly what I was planning… I have a bluetooth keyboard wit trackpad built in.
I have actually done this before, I had desktop which I plugged into the TV, it worked ok. I didn’t mind the ‘10 foot interface’. Just curious why you don’t recommend it?

I’m just trying to say that the Roon UI is designed for display and interaction on desktop PCs, tablets and (a reduced functionality version) on smartphones. It is not designed for use on large screens placed at least 10 feet (or 3 metres) away from the viewer. You can still use it, but you may find that some of the text and controls are too small and fiddly for comfortable viewing/use at that distance.

User interfaces that are designed for home theatre viewing (e.g. Kodi, Plex, Emby) follow different design rules, with larger text and control surfaces.

Many of us with home theatres use a tablet as the control of our Roon Cores, and use the TV as a Roon Display. This is a display designed for 10 foot viewing, and is not a Control - it’s purely an information display.

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I see what you mean.
Yes, I was hoping to run it on my ipad, but the os is too old (it’s an old ipad), so I will need to upgrade that and that won’t be any time soon sadly…
Just wanted something larger than my phone to control it in the meantime

I run it on an ancient Intel CoreDuo 3Ghz with 4Gbyte on Win10-32 and a Fan-less graphics Card with HDMI Mch. ITunes CD lossless rip at 32x maxes out the CPU while running Roon in pb and then produces clicks.