Minor glitch with Devialet volume control

So I ran into a minor issue while playing music with Roon…

I assume it does not matter, but my Roon core is runnin on a 64bit Linux machine, library is on a NAS and I’m mostly playing musid to my Devialet Expert Core Infinity 220 Pro running the latest beta firmware 2.2.0 Beta10.

The issue is, that if I mute the Devialet from Roon and Devialet enters power save mode before I start playing music again, then the volume indicator is left indicating mute in Roon when Devialet powers up and starts playing again. So Devialet is not muted, but Roon claims it is. I can get is to show the correct state/volume level by toggling mute in Roon, but still it feels that maybe if Devialet has to be started before playing, then the volume indicator could possibly be reseted in Roon at the same time?

Thank you for the report @Janne_Johansson, the insight and feedback are both very appreciated!

We are going to be doing some testing in our QA lab to see what our techs can come up with. Once I get an update on their progress I will be sure to touch base.

Thanks again!