Minor graphics bug in full screen mode on macOS?

One of my Roon setups uses a late 2012 iMac with a 2.9 GHz Core i5 CPU and an NVIDIA GEForce GTX 660M GPU with 512 MB VRAM. I usually use fullscreen mode to run Roon in a separate desktop. Today I noticed that when I expand an artist’s bio, there is a fine horizontal line across the screen where the lower border of the bio was prior to its expansion (screen shot below). I can confirm that this does not persist when I run Roon in a window. If you need any additional info about my system, just let me know. Thanks for all you do to make Roon a great piece of software with responsive support!

Quick update - this persists in build 234 on macOS, not that there was any mention of a fix in the latest release(s) that I noticed. A small matter, but in our continuing quest for the perfection of Roon…!