Minor Windows Taskbar nit

I like to place fixed shortcuts to apps on the taskbar (rightclick add to taskbar).

If you do this, then run Roon you get a second instance of the icon on the taskbar.

Told you it was a biggie!

I’m having this ‘issue’ too. Somehow, I remember it showing up as a single instance in the past.

Sometimes this can happen if you pin a shortcut to the taskbar.

But pinning the Roon app itself (found at C:\Users\ [Username]\Appdata\Local\Roon\Application ) didn’t change this for me.

Unfortunately, pinning the app itself doesn’t help at all.

Any update on this? Or am I the only one experiencing this?

Still the same for me but somehow I found the strength to soldier on :grinning:

This article says if it’s not shortcut related (and this isn’t) then there is no user fix.

Let’s leave a notification for @mike to see if it can be slipped into the minor bugfix cycle.

I’ve had this too, but haven’t been able to figure out the exact steps to reproduce. If you quit, unpin, and then pin it to the taskbar again, it’s fixed right?

If we can figure out steps to get from that state to the broken one (which I know we’ve all seen) I can almost certainly get this fixed, but I haven’t been able to nail the steps :frowning:

In my case that doesn’t fix it (quit, unpin, pin, start). I seem to always experience it, no matter what I try. Happy to provide any further information if needed. Currently using Windows 10.

I still get two icons after quit, unpin, pin, start on Windows 8.1 (Remote). I’ve never seen anything but two icons.

Got it. I was running Roon, then pinning the active application to the taskbar with a right-click. You guys are pinning the shortcut from the start menu to the taskbar right?

Let me see if we can fix that case – in the meantime, try it my way :smile:

I was dragging to the taskbar from the Roon directory. I’ll try the right click method tonight.

I have no idea what happened, but start > unpin > pin did the trick! Pretty sure I tried that one before, but now I’m just glad it works :smile:

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Unpin, Start Roon, right click to pin from icon on taskbar results in one icon for me. Thanks Mike !

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