Mirroring Roon iPad display on tv

I’ve noticed a number of members who mirror their Roon display on their tv -is there a easy way of doing this without Apple TV or similar?

There’s a 3rd party app for the Apple TV.


Doesn’t give album/artist bio though

Just play, pause and skip <> and volume (device dependant) on the up and down buttons

TV:Remote is great but you said without Apple TV.
If your TV has a web browser you could try setting it up in Roon settings.

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Yeah miss-read the post.

That may work -appreciate the help.
I have a 2 year old Panasonic smart tv so hopefully yes.

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Maybe with this app? ‎Screen Mirroring Panasonic TV on the App Store

It has in-app purchases, though.

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Just to say a huge thank you for the recommend -works like a charm

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