Mirroring zone playback to other endpoints

i do miss important feature ie instead of Zone transfer → zone mirror, ie playback in zone A can be mirrored - started in zone B/C…

any idea?

Simply use the Group zone function. Click on the current zone icon and then Group. From the list, chose the zone(s) you want to add.

Will obviously only work if all your zones grouped use the same streaming protocol. You cannot group not like zones.

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not really i need one - two click solution which occurs randomly, zones / grouping etc are for other thing … and at the moment still broken / or designed in wrong fashion.

same protocol, but it dont wanna to use Grouping, this is random scenario I dont have a time all the time adding/removing… i have 7 endpoints… its annoying.

Perhaps you could explain exactly what you’re trying to achieve… mirroring implies two zones. Four clicks for an occasional function are a reasonable expectation.

you are listening in Living room, start to do some work in kitchen but you are moving between rooms frequently within lets say 1h window… so u want not transfer from Living room to Kitchen but mirror ie both endpoints playbacks the same…

but its close to what was proposed, current Group design is wrong. You want to create groups but also have endpoints acting as single endpoints even in Group… So In case i have Group Kitchen+Living room i can simulate scenarios desribed above, and once i finish stuff I can start playback directly to Living room only and dont have to touch Group Settings at all…

u guys should pay some consulting to real product Designers not to code in your basement …

Agree they need to have the ability to have endpoints as part of the group and still be single to play to just them.

yes, the question is how long we have to wait for that as they dont want to release any date.

I suggested virtual zones a few years ago, i.e., grouped zones that persist and are treated the same way as a single zone. Is that what we’re discussing?

well years ago and whats the progress from the Roon side? Zero - apparently.

Yep that’s what we are on about, the current method is not very flexible.