Misleading message in Settings==>Audio

In spite of what is indicated, both of these devices are thru being set up and both play without any problems. As is apparent, both DACs are being fed by RPi (4) running Ropieee.

‘LVR’ is an iFi iDSD Pro. ‘Topping’ is a Topping D90. Core machine is an i5 NUC connected via Ethernet.


Just another misleading PITA message?

I don’t think this is a @spockfish problem.


As usual with computers, the first thing I try is rebooting and see if that clears what appears to be a status message update issue. not official support, just a friendly fellow user :smiley:

Yeah, I could do that. Since I know the devices are Enabled, my post was to alert the lads that there is a problem with the code so that it can be fixed.


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Hello @xxx ,

How did you get into this state? If you reboot your Roon Core are you able to consistently get into this state? Does it also occur if you bypass the Ropieee and have the endpoint connected directly via USB?

I had to move my Core from its usual machine to a backup NUC wih a lbrary Restore. I didn’t do anything tricky or out of the ordinary.

Rebooting clears the message, of course. That’s not really my point, but it’s too late to experiment now. In spite of the message, the devices worked properly even before a reboot.

Don’t remember.

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