Míssed playlists

I change my Mac laptop for a Innuos mini as a roon core.
The Mac was unauthorized as required.
It,s all working fine but i lost my playlists, can’t find it anymore and it means years of music selection lost.
Is the same account how could it be?
Help please


Did you follow the Migration steps as detailed in the Roon Knowledge Base?

Yes I did. But after import the backup to the Innuos, the file doesn’t appears in Roon.
I’m doing something wrong, for sure, just don’t know what.

Are this maybe iTunes playlists?
If so, you should also check the respective settings on your new server.

No, it´s playlists i made on roon based on my Tidal account, just that.
I thought it keeps in my roon acount after instaled in another device, but not.
I don´t know what to do more. I was hours trying almost everything,

You can try this solution:

If it still does not work, a reboot of the server may help.

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

Are all of your edits, tags, and play history still showing correctly?

Hi Dylan,

No, i haven´t nothing like before. It´s as in the very beginning.

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

Are you able to see TIDAL content outside of your playlists okay?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Clean Up Library?

Here it is.

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

Just to verify, when you set up the Zen you did restore a backup from the previous machine, correct?

Are you able to see TIDAL content outside of these playlists?

These playlists were created in Roon and not imported from TIDAL, correct?

All correct, Dylan.
I did a backup from roon in the other machine, but when i did the download to the Zen nothing appears on roon. I can try again this procedure if you, please, explain how to do it, maybe i did something wrong.
And no, none of the playlists were imported from Tidal, all created in roon.

Sorry to stick my nose in here but I encountered a similar problem yesterday under slightly different circumstances. I changed my account (needed to use a different email address). When I logged into Roon (ROCK) I had no music & no playlists. Roon did not see my database. Restarting Roon OS resulted in a complete new import of my library resulting in no retained edits, no retained settings and no Roon-created playlists. I restored the database from a backup, everything went correctly but, once again, Roon did not see my database. Restarting Roon OS resulted in a fresh import again, I finally gave up and will continue from here. This is not the behavior that I was expecting. Forgive me if this is off topic.

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

If you return to the Mac and use it as your Core do you see the playlists?

If so, make a new backup on the Mac and then restore that new backup on the Zen, following the instructions once more that are listed here.

After this do you see the playlists?

Hi Dylan,
I´m sorry for all but it still not working.
Yes, i see the playlists on my Mac if is working as core.
For the second time i did a backup and imported to the Zen accordding the migration instructtions but, before logging in roon, when i restore the backup nothing appears to do it. There´s no file in the restore area.
Maybe i´m doing something wrong when downloading the backup to the Zen, but seems pretty simple, just insert the pendrive in one of the ports and import the content.
What´s failling here?

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

Can you share a screenshot of where you’re looking here? We have more documentation about restoring backups here.

Hi Dylan,
I already know all the procedure by heart.
I made a copy to Zenmini using the share of my mac, exactly like the innuos support told me to do, but it´s not detectable by roon or i don´t know how to find it.
I´m a bit tired of this…

This is what i see.

It´s done!

Between your instructions and innuos support I was able to put everything in its place.
Thank you very much, sincerely.
I think it could all be a little simpler being the same roon account and the same Tidal account, but who am I to criticize, I’m not a computer audio ace, just seems too complicated considering what´s possible nowadays.
What is certain is that the problem is solved and that is the most important.

Thank you so much, Dylan, your help was really valuable.
Best regards,


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