Missing 100,000 files with Roon import

I’m not sure this the best place to post this.

Running an older DS1412 unit and when I had the trial of Roon I noticed a file count discrepancy between J. River and Roon. That number was about 100,000 files. 60,000 of which I believe are on the NAS, the rest local 3TB drives.

I’m running new library import in J. River to test with a clean import, and will use some other tools, although things like TreeSize don’t seem to analyze NAS units.

Just curious if anyone encountered this kind of issue before, maybe it’s NAS related, maybe not.

Not many skipped files maybe 200 total
CUE and SACD ISO files only number in the thousands (4000 max)
J. River is set to clean up the library etc

Thoughts? I will post some details shortly.