Missing a track

I added an album ELZA by Elza Soares, downloaded from Bandcamp in flac. Roon shows all tracks except track 2. I have made certain that track 2 is on the NAS and that JRiver and Groove see and play the track, no problem.

I tried everything that looked relevant in the edit functions, to no avail. Doing a search on Roon does not show the missing track anywhere.

I am using Roon 1.2 build 154 on Windows 10.

I deleted the album from my NAS and Roon saw that. Then I added it back and two albums came up, one with only track 2 and one with the rest. I combined the two and now all is well.

An interesting note, some of the tracks are in 16-44.1 and some in 16-48. Maybe that had some bearing.