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Roon arena to be completely missing an album (possibly several) from my library. Fink is the artist, and biscuits for breakfast is the album. It’s been in my collection for years and has at some point been played via roon.

But I went looking for it today

Totally missing, this is the only album roon knows about, yet the file is in the same directory and format as most of the other albums

To play devils advocate I moved the folder to my cd rips folder to get it to force a rescan of the file

You can see the file is there, it has some of its own tagging, the artist is right. So why on earth is roon ignoring this album?

Did you click the Show More albums to make sure it is not just hidden?

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Do you have Qobuz or Tidal and if so, does it find it if you search for it? It does for me.

And as you at some point played it, head to My Stuff > History and filter for it. Does it appear there at all?

Show more only shows everything apart from that album

I can find it on Qobuz well enough. But I don’t want the Qobuz version. I want the one I spent time ripping to my NAS

I found it!

Roon had completely Mis-identified it as an EP called “so long”, which is the name of a track on the album. But it is in fact the album!

This is a fairly well known album from a reasonably prolific artist. Irritating to see roon Mis-label it so badly

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Yes, but it tells us a little bit where there issue might be. Finding problems is about narrowing them down, not about hitting the jackpot every time immediately.

So if you find it on Qobuz and add that one to the library, does it appear in that screen?

EDIT: Just saw your post about finding it, but leaving this here because don’t be surprised if things are not in “Albums in my library” :slight_smile:

And does it appear in Discography? I just remembered that “Albums in my library” can be incomplete, I posted about this here not too long ago:

That just means that it is not on the Overview tab, as annoying as it is, not that it is completely missing. So check Discography and click the Library button. Is it there?

Yeah I’m aware of this, but I also couldn’t find the album manually by name, or by scrolling through albums so it appeared missing. It was simply Mis-named. Mystery solved

Still seems there’s a few gremlins in his room categorises stuff

More than a few. Not Roon’s fault, they buy the metadata from elsewhere, all sources have errors and big holes, but there are no better sources available. (Discogs support would be nice but it’s far from flawless as well). It’s a shame how humanity treats one of its greatest cultural achievements

What’s annoying is that when I first imported it, it would have been right. So I’m not sure why this has been updated at some point.

Makes me worry about what else is missing

The problem with the metadata sources is that they are all crowdsourced and people make mistakes. Somebody at the source edited it and Roon pulled it in. On the other hand, the way things are organized it’s completely inconceivable to have anyone else do it but the crowds. And it’s anyway still better then having to hand-edit 10,000 albums by yourself.

The record industry can’t even be relied upon to not let the original master tapes burn to the ground

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