Missing Album from Roon Dbase, but found album on internet

I found the missing album:

I would now like to make sure that my tracks on Roon are updated with the correct info.

There is no option during the manual identification process to " import the missing information" into Roon.

What to do?

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I thought you could add albums at AllMusic, but they only allow corrections to be submitted.

Just found this album is also not on the Roon database: https://www.discogs.com/New-York-Trio-Ken-Peplowski-Stardust/release/8902887 either.

As I am new to Roon, user since this past Sunday, I am just discovering that there are actually numerous “missing albums” from the database.

Has anybody found a solution to bringing user-identified albums into the Roon database? Is there a procedure for doing this?

Roon Support, what is the situation with the above?


Quite simply:

  1. We are aware that we have gaps.
  2. We are actively working on restructuring our backend systems to allow us to add additional metadata sources in a way that is both scalable and won’t have a negative impact on existing Roon metadata.
  3. Integration of Discogs is one long-standing item on our list. We all want to make it happen.

Cc: @mike


YES, i think the DB will benefit A LOT.

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