Missing Album from Roon Qobuz New releases

Looking through the new releases in the Qobuz app I came across Spirituals by Santigold. Thought I’d fire up the system and have a listen but the album cannot be found in Qobuz new releases on Roon nor can it be found by searching. All other new releases are present.

This happens sometimes, and it takes a few days for the data to propagate from Qobuz to Roon.

If the issue is only with Roon search, sometimes favoriting the album in Qobuz can help to get it to show in Roon

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This should be pinned in an FAQ, seems like the same question comes up every week


Hi @Leigh_Evans,

As @Carl and @Suedkiez mentioned there can be occasional delays receiving the metadata for new releases from our streaming partners. Typically they show up rather quickly. The best workaround is to add the new release directly in Qobuz, or TIDAL, it will appear in Roon immediately afterward.

You can find more information here: