Missing album in Roon metadata

Simply Three - Volume 4
Simply Three - Better Days
Suduaya / Zero Cult - Eternal Angels
Disco Classics - The Megamix
Disco Classics - The Box (3 CD)

If you add them to MusicBrainz (which is fairly simple to do) then the albums will be identified in Roon within a week or so.

All Roon does is aggregate metadata from providers. If these providers are not told about the album they can’t provide it to Roon.

I’ve added a lot of unidentified albums to MusicBrainz over the years as it allows others to benefit from my additions in just the same way I benefit from others contributions to the databases.

When adding album do you use the software Picard or only the web page ?

i have tried Picard to fix some album tags and it’s screw up a few of them.

When i rip my CD I use DbPoweramp and it looks from 4 tags provider for the tags (Discogs, MusicBrainz, Freedb, GD3). No hassle and very and easy because it compared all the data from the 4 provider and use the best tags.

Roon should get metadata from several metadata providers and compared them. Their will be a lot less missing album.

Guess I will have to add these album to MusicBrainz

I use Picard to add the album to MusicBrainz but I don’t use it for tagging.

Roon does get its metadata from a variety of sources, MusicBrainz being just one. The reason I use MusicBrainz to add albums to Roon is that it’s something I can add myself immediately and Picard is an easy way to get the track times etc into the database.

Adding to Rovi (AllMusic) is much harder IMO.