Missing album in Roon

I have a PC running Windows 10 64 bit with Roon 1.5 built 363 stable. Yesterday 2 albums, each in a separate folder, were added to the folder Roon is monitoring in real time. One album immediately appeared in Roon while second one did not. So I went to the the Settings then Storage selected monitored folder and used Force rescan but it made no difference. So I tried to add the missing folder using Add Folder option so Roon showed it content with all files it has and I clicked Add folder which completed with reply 4 files imported as expected but they still not showing up in albums list which is sorted by date added. All 4 files are flac inside the folder 1990. Jean-Michel Jarre - Waiting for Cousteau (2015) [24-48]
They are not listed in Skipped files
I also searched for the album and then checked for the files location of the found items but non were in the folder above. I tried to search for a track name exactly how it appears in the folder of Windows Files Explorer but still no luck. I even tried to rename the folder using Explorer and removed period and put - after space instead but it didn’t help. Roon immediately noticed that the folder name changed so I added it and it again said 4 files imported but still not available in albums list. So searched for ‘Waiting for Cousteau’ and Roon showed one under header Top album result but when I clicked on it and checked the content I found one which was added earlier but not the one I’m looking for. After looking at content more closely I noticed that there are 3 tabs instead of usually just 2, so I clicked on Versions and found that the album is shown inside and even has label new as expected and listed twice since it was added by Roon and by me pointing to the same location. So my question is why it is not showing up in the albums list as well as recently added list?
Any explanation where is the problem and suggestions how to prevent this from happening again is appreciated


Do you mean you have a previous copy of the same album.

If so go to that album and look under the versions tab , if the new one is the same artist, album name etcRoon will see it as a duplicate and make it a version of the original

Try, cut the folder and paste somewhere safe, go to Settings Library Clean up Library, delete any files it shows you, then reimport the album and look into
overview. It often works


Hi Mike and thanks for your help
I just copied the folder to a different folder using File explorer and then went to the Cleanup library and found files that are associated with the location which not longer are available so i selected it and clicked Clean. As soon as I closed Settings and went back to Albums I found the missing album

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