Missing albums by genre [Solved]

I’m running Roon on a headless Mac Mini, which can be controlled by either the Roon app on my iPad or screen sharing from my Macbook Pro.

When controlling Roon from the Macbook there are 587 albums in the genre Classical. If I run Roon from the iPad app there are only 486 albums in the genre Classical. A similar problem exists for the other genres.

Is this due to a setting in Roon that I can correct or is this a bug in the software?

If it is useful the Mac Mini is running the current OS (10.11.1) and the current version of Roon (version 1.1 build 70). The iPad software is also up to date.

On the General tab (in Settings), there are two switches that control Genre display. One toggles the display of genres that Roon has found via our metadata servicel, and the other toggles display of genres found in your file tags.

These options are set independently for each instance of Roon (Remote or Core), so if you have Roon running on the Mac Mini or the iPad, you’ll need to set them both.

Thanks Mike. The two devices are now aligned.

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