Missing albums in Tidal

Hi, I’ve been using roon for more than a year now for it’s amazing sonic features.

I’m constantly experiencing problems with Tidal album browser.
Here’s how the “Albums” look in Tidal:

and here’s roon version:

As you see, there’re 3 albums missing in Roon.

Any clues how to fix it?

I am in the UK and see them all, with Mare in with the CDs, but Mare (Club Mixes) and Graal (Prologue) appear with Singles and EPs. This is because these last two are tagged as single and EP respectively.

Do the missing albums appear in your Singles and EPs list?

Apparently, there’re two bugs/features that lead to this behaviour.

  1. Roon does alter Tidal’s metadata, changing Graal album to Single/EP.
  2. I do own flac files for Mare, and Graal, which is why they are shown in a separate section above, and then are excluded from Tidal albums.

I am mostly using Roon as a frontend for tidal, which can do live DSD upsampling, and it’s always painful to navigate Tidal in Roon compared to the native app.

Is there a way to disable modifying Tidal metadata?

In general, Roon will always try and get what it thinks is the best overall metadata, and usually that entails adding to or, occasionally, modifying Tidal metadata.

In this case, as far as I can see, there is no other metadata; Allmusic shows nothing, so the data is from Tidal - apart from the EP/single flag. I don’t know where that has come from.

You can tell Roon to prefer metadata from a file if you have that, but I don’t think you can tell Roon to ignore the Tidal input apart from making the album unidentified. Adding metadata would then be up to you via manual Roon editing.

Not really.

However, if you add an album to your library, you can then edit the album and change the EP or Single to Album and it will then present on the line you want.

In Roon, there is a difference between an album being IN your library or not.

I am also based in the UK, and this is exactly what I see as well.