Missing albums on smb connected server

i have a large library. on a synology nas. all mac. mounted in roon on my macmini as smb. remote via macbook. hundreds of m4a rips not in roon? plz help
i´m coming from jriver.

Hi @eska – so you’re seeing other files loading in Roon, but the m4a files are having issues? Or nothing is loading?

a lot of files showing up…maybe it´s an issue with the folder structure. how many folders are allowed? i put som one level up and now i can see them in roon…normaly i have musik/1999/klassik/part 1/lol/Béla Bartók - Works for Violin and Piano, Vol. 1/files…

and i have m4a,mp3 dsd;flac;mpc…

Just guessing but perhaps it is an issue with total character length, folder path + artist + album title + song title. This would happen more often with classical titles.

That would explain why if you move them up a level some might start to show up.

for example:

smb://DiskStation/muzak/ teil1/12 Rods - Split Personalities/12 Rods - 01 - Split Personality - Split Personalities.m4a

whats wrong???

smb://DiskStation/muzak/ teil2/Dabrye - One Three/01 - Dabrye - The Lish.m4a

any help here…?trial-time is running out?

Are you using the name “DIskStation” or an IP address for the smb: path ?

I use the latter. FWIW.

yes totally shure…70% disks are in roon but the rest is missing…all albums are playable in in jriver…;-(

Hi @eska – can you try today’s release and shoot me a PM if you’re still having problems with these files? I’d like to take a look if the problem is still happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’ve got missing albums as well. Plus the added problem of Roon importing everything a second time. :frowning:

Hey @fritzg – I just followed up via PM.

@eska - how are things looking for you this morning? Let me know if you’re still having issues and we’ll take a look.